In via Gregorio VII, just 3 km from the Vatican, the Modulnova Roma - Gregorio VII flagship store is born in collaboration with Stuarr, an interior architecture studio that has been operating in the capital city since 1968 with exclusive proposals and cutting-edge solutions to offer a unique experience in furnishing. The residential district that develops around via Gregorio VII, one of the most important communication arteries of the city, stands close to the Aurelian and Leonine Walls. Developed on two levels, it is the perfect place to live an immersive experience in the Modulnova world: from the kitchen, to the bathroom, to the living room, the showroom hosts the top of the brand's collections.


"Our goal is to instill a sense of welcome and intimacy in the environments in which you live, to create comfortable and deeply personal spaces.
Our experience lies in the versatility, attention to detail and uniqueness of our proposals. The project is designed 'tailor-made' by combining aesthetics and functionality in order to meet the specific needs of each individual customer."

For over fifty years Stuarr has been selecting the best partners in the world of furniture and accessories to offer its customers customized projects and unique solutions, with the aim of strongly characterizing every living space.
Infusing warmth and intimacy into a home, creating spaces with a contemporary taste that are both comfortable and functional: Stuarr knows how to combine versatility, uniqueness of proposals and attention to detail. Each project is designed with sartorial style, declining aesthetics and functionality, so as to be able to respond to the specific needs of each customer.

is a family company founded in 1988 by Dario, Giuseppe and Carlo Presotto.

The company expresses a strong tailoring concept and total flexibility in proposing a customized kitchen system 'made to measure' for the customer, thanks to an exceptional design vocabulary and a wide choice of materials and finishes. Over the years it has expanded the range of proposals, demonstrating a deep ability to grasp the needs and tastes of a heterogeneous and international public. In 2000 it created a line of bathroom furniture and in 2011 the offer was completed with Modulnova Living, born as a natural continuation of an entrepreneurial path and acquired know-how.
Modulnova has made the continuous search for quality and innovation its mission, transferring a strong identity to its products, studying new solutions to improve life within the spaces in which we live.